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Begin Mass Text Messaging with MassTexting today. Enjoy your free trial and see the user-friendliness. No matter how many messages you want to send, you can send a text blast with MassTexting in a matter of seconds.

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Functional Mass Text Messaging Service
For Your Business Needs

Text marketing services allow you to communicate with your audience in a more direct and instant way. MassTexting makes it easier for your business to reach out to your high intent leads.

Open Rates

Text messages have an open rate as high as 98% that too within the first 3 minutes.

Consumers Text

Over 70% of consumers prefer receiving business texts.

Businesses Prefer Texts

Over 86% businesses claimed that text marketing showed much better results than email marketing.

Mass Text Messaging Is Now Easier And More Efficient

Reach out to your audience more directly for better communication.

Reminder to all parents of XYZ School. Tomorrow is open day. Come to support your children.

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Reminder: Jane Doe, your appointment with Dr. John is tomorrow at 11 am. Please don’t be late.

Charity drive tomorrow at 10 am. All volunteers are requested to be there by 9 am.

All employees must be in conference room tomorrow 9 am for the annual orientation.

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Mass Text Messaging
And MMS Marketing

Most businesses found out that they have a six to eight percent hike in their profit because of text marketing. Begin using our Mass Texting Service and Mass MMS for your business today!

Begin With Our SMS Marketing Services Today

Check out a few possibilities of using a Mass Texting Service and Mass MMS services. The possibilities are endless. What are you using it for?

Send Urgent Messages

Send emergency and time sensitive messages to your contacts. Texts do not need an internet or application.

Send Reminders

Reduce missed appointments by sending confirmation and reminder messages

Send Mass Alerts

Send text messages to masses on the click of a button with our user-friendly interface.

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages days, weeks, and even months ahead to send out on the right time.

Send Sales Messages

Send messages to the high intent audience that loves sales for quicker ROI.

Increase Sales

Businesses claim that text messages increase sales 6 to 8% more than email marketing.

Advertise Promotions

Seasonal sales, promotions, and novelty – send all through MassTexting to keep your audience engaged.

Send MMS Ads

Why rely on texts only? Use MMS to send ads of your business for 250 times more engagement.

Resolve queries

Majority of people prefer texting businesses to satisfy their basic queries instead of phone calls.

Two way communication

Two Way Communication allows your contacts to text you back easily. Manage it through the conversational inbox.

Instant Follow-up

Text messages are direct and instant. Set it up for instant follow ups and reviews.

Receive Feedback

Request and receive feedback from your customers. Incorporate it into your business module and see the change.

Reach a Big Audience

Texts and MMS is the easiest way to reach your audience. The more contacts you have, the bigger and most high intent audience you will get. Mass text Marketing has never been easier.

High Intent Leads

Text marketing is permission based. So all your contacts have a remote interest in your business which makes them easier to convert.

New Product Alerts

Give your text marketing audience an upper hand and send them your new products via MMS first.

Promote services

Use MassTexting to promote your business services to your customer. Keep them up to date about your services.

Send in Bulk

Send mass texts to hundreds and thousands of contacts at once in minutes with our user-friendly interface.

One Click Send

Send a text or MMS to a group in one click or to a single person. Both are made easier with MassTexting.

Manage Groups

Multiple use cases? Don’t worry, make multiple groups with MassTexting to manage your contacts easily.

Unlimited Contacts

We will never be a hindrance in your growth. Get unlimited contacts and manage them with groups easily.

Explore Our Features

Who should use text message marketing?

Businesses for

  • User friendly service
  • Manage campaigns
  • Fastest Communication
  • MMS

People for

  • Text message preference
  • On any type of mobile
  • Easy to opt in
  • Easy to communicate

Everyone for

  • No maintenance
  • Easy solution
  • Lowest prices
  • No downloads needed

Start Text Marketing With Masstexting Now

MassTexting is all set and ready for you to boost your business with text marketing. With out advanced and powerful features, you can begin text marketing in as few as a couple of minutes. All your text messages and MMS solutions under one roof.

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Use The Most Convenient Text Messaging System For Your Business Or Organization

No matter how many messages you want to send out. MassTexting makes it easier for your business to manage communication. No matter what your needs, our platform is here with our state of the art service. Mass text Marketing with MassTexting becomes a breeze.

About Mass Text Marketing Services

MassTexting makes your text messaging service needs easy and convenient. Mass Text Marketing is a channel of communication where you can send picture and text ads, promote your business, send reminders, and do much more. It reaches directly in the hands of the consumer to make it more effective.

Broadcast Your Message Within Seconds

MassTexting’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and quick. No matter what the number of messages, send a text blast on the click of button. Works best for time sensitive messages as well as in emergencies.

Texts Are Always With You

An average American always has their phone within five feet of them. Texts don’t go anywhere unless you manually delete them. Even if the recipient does not open them instantly, they are there when they want to see them.

Services Meant For You

To ensure that you get full advantage of text marketing, MassTexting makes services exclusively for your needs. with real time reports and analytics you can manage your marketing better. We offer you the lowest possible prices for your business needs. Reach out to our customer support too anytime!

MMS Services For You

We don’t believe in limiting your marketing to text messages only. MassTexting offers you quality MMS services as well. Send picture ads and images to your audience to get an engagement rate 250 times more than with plain text messages.

Benefits of Mass Texting

Traditional advertising requires you to rely on your customer to retain the information and then take an action. Text Marketing is instant and direct. Customers can take actions instantly so you get a quicker ROI. Moreover, text messages give up to 10 times better open rate than emails.