Text Messaging Features MassTexting Offers

MassTexting offers you the most powerful text messaging features to make your text marketing game even stronger. Make communication more effective for your businesses with our Mass Texting features.

Mass Texting

With MassTexting’s simple and user-friendly interface, you can send mass texting in the click of a button. You can also enjoy powerful mass texting features.

Keyword Texting

MassTexting offers text messaging features that have a keyword to make it easier for your customers to opt in to your subscriber’s list. Create your keyword and let them send it to your number. Each keyword works in a group to make it easier. Keywords are unlimited.

Schedule Text Messages

Schedule texts days, weeks, and even months before you want to send them out. Our inbuilt calendar system allows you to set a future date to schedule a text. You can also schedule mass messages.

QR Codes

QR Codes are a step further from keywords. They help make signing up even easier by following a simple scan-and-go method. QR codes are against keywords and part of mass texting messaging features.

Send a Long Text Message

While a standard text message is only 160 characters, MassTexting does not limit you. MassTexting allows you to send up to 800 characters counted as multiple messages.

2 Way Messaging

Why limit your business to sending text messages only? MassTexting allows you to receive messages with the 2 way messaging option. The conversational style inbox helps manage one-on-one chats with your customers. Also, incoming is Free!

Free Incoming Text messages

MassTexting only charges you for the messages that you send out. Incoming is absolutely FREE!

Unlimited Opt-Ins

No matter what the number, we can meet it! MassTexting allows you to have an unlimited number of subscribers. Let them come in, we can handle it!

Real Time Analytics

Each campaign gives you real time analytics on your campaign. Thus, allowing you to manage your campaigns by calculable results.

Link Shortener

MassTexting offers you a link compressing tool. Before you place a hyperlink in your text message, shorten the link to as few characters as possible. This saves your precious characters in text messages.

Mobile Forwarding

MassTexting has mass texting messaging features that allows you to forward your replies to your mobile number. Keep your personal number masked while forwarding your messages to your mobile phone.

Dedicated Shortcodes Services

MassTexting provides you with your own dedicated shortcode. Mass texting messaging features shortcodes that are easier to remember for your business customers. You can also select a vanity shortcode.

Multiple Numbers

Have more than one use cases? You can get multiple numbers for your mass texting use.

Group Contacts

To make it easier for you to manage your contacts, MassTexting allows you to group them. You can create a group according to keywords or make your own and send text messages.


Whether it is one-on-one texting or mass texting, MassTexting allows you to personalize your messages. Your customer gets an identity beyond just a number.

One-on-One Conversations

Keeping your need for one-on-one conversations, MassTexting provides you with a conversational style inbox. This helps manage all your conversations by keeping the history.


Don’t limit yourself to just text messages. MassTexting provides you with the option of sending MMS with your business number as well. Promote your business with vibrant images.

Signup Widget

Convert your web traffic to text marketing traffic. Use MassTexting’s signup widget tool to make your web form and place on your website.

Click to Join

For an even easier way to invite people to join your subscriber’s list, the click to join is the button for you. Simply design your button with MassTexting and place it on your website.


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